8 Reasons the iPod Touch and Nano Will Be Dead Before Year’s End (list)

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21 Comments to 8 Reasons the iPod Touch and Nano Will Be Dead Before Year’s End (list)

  1. No, it really isn’t practical to jog with a cell phone. At least not for women. There’s no place to put it, and it’s too heavy to clip to your belt or collar. These standalone players are by far the best option. My kids have done something-or-other with my iPod nano and I’m going to purchase a new one. I have a good-sized MP3 library, as many people do, so I have no need for streaming music services.

    I seriously hope Apple doesn’t discontinue all its standalone music players. If Apple does, someone else will start selling one, because it is a market niche for people who work out.

    But by the same token, if playing music (and perhaps taking your pulse and tracking your speed and time) is all the player does, the price really should come down.

  2. For me this just doesn’t hold true. I love music and like carrying around a large as possible portion of it. On the other hand, I have zero interest in phones or smart phones…. I just don’t see the appeal. In fact I find them rather unhealthy, the whole act of being “available” and “connected” 24/7 just doesn’t seem natural to me…. I want to be unreachable at times, I don’t care how important a business issue may be, on my free time I want zero internet/email access.
    With that said, I did own an iPhone for two years so I could see what the fuss was all about. I hated the thing… I’d be listening to music and be constantly interrupted by the chime of a text or a call, it was nearly twice the bulk of an iPod touch and for the gigantic bill I paid every month all I ever did was make phone calls and text on it, which I could do on a regular old cell phone for a fraction of the price.

    An other important point is about the whole evolution of products. As products merge together, the quality tends to go down dramatically. Ask any real audiophile about the sound quality of listening to music through a smart phone and prepare to be lectured. There are some awesome stand-alone players out there with amazing built in sound-card (or sound-card bypass) and that will play FLAC as well as nearly every audio file type….. and there’s a reason they aren’t jacks of all trades and masters of none.

  3. I think you are missing the battery life issue. If I use my iphone to listen to music all day while I’m running around, or for a few hours on a plane, the battery is DEAD. Then I can’t make calls I need to make. Apple, in its INFINITE wisdom does not allow me to change the battery, because I’m clearly too stupid to be able to do that. So, I have a Touch for my music and a phone for everything else. Only because at the time I bought them they were UNFORTUNATELY the best options. Rest assured that my next purchase on BOTH categories will not be Apple products. Sick to death of Apple Jail and general arrogance of the company.

  4. Jordan, what’s your take on how future usage of smart devices will expand into more than one device (I.e. phone, watch, wristband, glasses)? Do you think we are experiencing more of an expansion of smart products or an evolution (or maybe both until some genius innovator comes along and combines all these products, both handheld and wearable, into a single product that we all will eventually need)?

  5. I would argue the opposite…as wifi becomes even more ubiquitous I would expect the demand for wifi-only devices to increase. I agree with you regarding the nano (especially with an iWatch coming) but the ipod touch is more than an MP3 player. Considering the availability of wifi in large cities, I can see a declining need for LTE devices.

  6. The article suggests that there is inadequate demand for the iPod Touch for the reasons it mentions. Could be. If I was carrying a do-everything-smartpone, I’d probably agree. For personal reasons I hope he’s wrong though. I’m self employed and work at home, and just use a Trac-style phone for the small amount of calling I do away from the house. My cell bill is about $4 a month. The iPod Touch 5 is a very capable device with an ocean of apps available for it. My favorite use for it is taking pictures, and I’ve gotten some very nice ones with it. It’s so nice to have the spontaneous ability to take pictures, with a camera that does a nice job and is so thin and light you don’t even notice it in your pocket (most iPhones I see people using look like bricks in comparison).

    • Jordan Goodson

      You make a valid argument and your concerns are valid. Unfortunately, I don’t think that there are enough people in your situation to validate Apple continuing to produce soon to be obsolete devices. Remember, Apple came back not by catering to those with low incomes, but by selling secure, capable and over priced hardware.

    • I agree I’m an iPod 5th gen. owner & love it, I use it as a camera to post photo’s on Facebook built in,no computer needed anymore. I use Google’s free VOIP service called Google Voice,it’s a great Free Wifi Phone after installing Talkatone( includes free SMS messages) to normal cellphones. Also yes Free Tango for Video conferencing. Also Facebook APP, Face Time (free to all Apple users for video conferencing to other Apple devices),IP Camera Viewer to see outside house from my IP camera, YouTube, Hulu+, Zillow, Google Maps, TV Guide, Weather,and of coarse SIRI which is easy by holding the Home button down, free Chess and more Game Apps old iPods could’nt run.

  7. This article is wrong, just as the pc in everything didn’t work out, nor will all my portable devices need yo be a phone. When I’m at the gym, all I need is a nano, phones are to big end clunky got that stuff

    • Jordan Goodson

      Read the whole list Andrew. Other devices will take the place of stand alone Mp3 players.Product evolution.

  8. While I agree, in large measure, this article fails to consider the more limited capacity of smartphones (for now and the near-terms) when compared to HDD iPods of 80, 120 and 160GB capacity. This is critical for those with large music collections or who listen to other types of long-form content on the go.

    • Jordan Goodson

      Marc, you’re right. I did skip over those with large collections. I personally have well over 200GB of music, but I think those of us with collections of this size are few in number and aren’t a large enough market to affect Apples decisions.

    • Marc – I don’t think that those of us with a large music collection would be affected at all. This article is talking about the iPod Touch and Nano becoming obsolete – not *all* iPods. Both the Touch (64GB) and Nano (16GB) have limited capacity, just like your mention of the smartphones.

      The iPods you mention – of the 80, 120 and 160GB capacities – should still be around for quite some time yet, specifically *because* of their larger capacities. I think that an iPad or tablet/notebook would be the more likely future replacement of our high capacity iPods; especially with the iPad now having a 128GB capacity. As that type of more portable device reaches a larger capacity, then we should start worrying about our standard iPods. :)

  9. This article assumes that everybody wants their only portable audio playback to be their phone…

    Picture your backyard… Now picture a bbq with your friends… How many of those douchebags AREN’T tooling around on their iPhones during half their visit?… are you content having your phone remain stationary while plugged into a device or worse chewing through battery while connected via bluetooth?

    …and if you do end up using your mphone3player while entertaining guests we all know you haven’t disabled the keystroke slapback tones (like most apple users), so you’ll be broadcasting that along with your cliched retro bicycle bell notification and countless selfie shutter.wav’s…

    Man I hate this world you’ve painted for me…

    It’s too bad we’re not instead pushing the next great cross-platform, file sharing, high fidelity portable media player…

    Sadly, in search of said device is how I ended up here.

    • Jordan Goodson

      Check out #5 Mocha, these devices evolve. There was almost a solid decade in which I waited for my Handspring Visor, Nomad Jukebox and Cell Phone to become one device with video playback. We’ll get there sooner than later, and when we do, GR will be here to tell you about it.

  10. I enjoyed this article but I certainly disagree regarding the iPod touch. I have yet to see a smartphone adequately serve as an always available hotspot device. At present, I prefer using an unlocked mifi device as a central access point for LTE access. With this configuration, LTE chips are not needed in each device & an iPod touch is suitable as a handset – essentially a $250-$300 iphone4s w/out LTE/GPS).

      • It is actually really interesting to me how Mifi devices get overlooked. T-Mobile for example currently charges $20 for the first 500Mb of LTE data & subsequently $5/GB. Skype offers unlimited US/Canada calls + a phone# for $5.50/month. With this configuration, a majority of mobile devices are capable of fulfilling the role as a ‘phone’, devices are always connected & locally networked, & the need to purchase hardware from the telcoms disappears. You also already have a wifi network in your car – which manufacturers are slowly trying to rollout today w/ their own monthly charges. These devices are already pocketable, last all day, can serve as a NAS or battery pack, & have numerous antennas for swapping SIM cards abroad. Mine even has LTE-A, which I can’t find service for. Once I can, all devices will run & the upgraded speeds since I’m not relying on antennas in each device.
        In other words, where is the wearable Mifi? It would be a huge hit! Did I sell you on one Jordan? :P

        • Jordan Goodson

          Almost Mike, almost. I can see myself purchasing something like that in the future, but it isn’t here yet. I tend to use other methods, which I can’t mention here to perform similar actions to what you listed.

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