Canadian based car maker, Felino Cars, has spent four years developing a supercar, the CB7, and it looks like it has brought back from the future.

Felino Cars’ CB7

Like any new supercar it is sold with the usual promise of an unforgettable driving experience, and there are several things that are worth paying attention to. Styling, yes, but also a 525bhp 6.2-liter V8, six-speed manual gearbox, rear-wheel drive, and a shed load of carbon fiber. The Felino CB7 is every car guy’s dream.

Felino CB7 (3)

Have a look at the release video above, and you’ll also notice that the new supercar can smash the apexes off at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve without mercy, and that this ‘street legal’ high-performance two-seater supercar with on-track capability could actually be something of a weapon.

Felino CB7 (2)

To buy a CB7 you will be forking out around $100,000 which isn’t bad for a car that has the potential to be something really special.

Felino CB7 (5)

The styling on the car is very futuristic, and will definitely divide people’s opinions. But that isn’t a bad thing, and personally, I quite like it. We need car designers to go out and do completely unreal things with their designs, as most cars out there look very similar and follow similar concepts, where as the CB7 is really unique in it’s appearance.

Felino Cars CB7  (5)

Watch the Video

Have a look at the video, if you don’t want one yet, you will after watching the video. The man behind the CB7 is Canadian racing driver and general automotive enthusiast Antoine Bessette.

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