When the fella’s and I hit the clubs, it’s all about the girls. Sure, some of us are married and tied down, but there’s always a couple singles in our group on any given weekend party night. Most good friends have to play “wingman” for their dudes at some point. A charismatic wingman who can drink responsibly is a wild asset for breaking the ice with the ladies. But a wasted wingman is a sheer liability. Call it “self-inspired interest…” or a “social investment of salacious proportions…” I feel, this new campaign from Heineken is great for young adults out trying to enjoy a good time responsibly.#DMDS
This bold new initiative from Heineken is called “Dance More, Drink Slow”. It’s aimed at helping young adults understand the importance of having fun and drinking in moderation. It’s a noble endeavor, and refreshing to see such a leader in the booze biz standing up and taking responsibility for its product and positive self-image.


Speaking through music, Heineken has collaborated with Dutch record label Armada Music and Armin Van Buuren. They’ve produced the song “Save My Night” which embodies the Dance More, Drink Slow message with rhythmic and hypnotic dance music that inspires one to dance more and drink slow. The track is available in 42 countries right now on Spotify.

To further support the Dance More, Slow campaign, Heineken has worked with film director Phlip Andleman (music videos for Beyonce, Rihanna, Jay-Z, Jonas Brothers, Lenny Kravitz and more) to direct The Experiment, a short film highlighting Armin van Buuren over two separate days as the DJ of a nightclub. The Film will focus on the influence a single DJ has over a crowd of young people. Harnessing that rhythmic charisma, Heineken illustrates the positive and wildly enjoyable ways we can encourage young adults to “Dance More, Drink Slow.” Continue the conversation with #DMDS

Consuming alcohol is as old as the oldest professions. Being consumed by it doesn’t have to be.

This post is sponsored by Heineken


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