Every major smartphone comes with GPS tracking capabilities, helping users find their way while travelling or during their daily travelling routine in cities and highways. However, there are times when you don’t have GPS connectivity, and there’s no way for you to find the directions using your smartphone, unless you’re carrying a portable GPS device. Take an example of a hiking trip, or in the middle of the road with no network coverage at all.

If you’re not comfortable carrying a new device, you may want to take a look at the Trimble TopoCharger case for iPhone. You must be wondering if it’s yet another iPhone case with charging capabilities, but it’s more than that. It transforms your iPhone into a GPS mapping device which can help you find your way.

What is TopoCharger?

TopoCharger is unique iPhone case that comes with built-in topographic maps along with an external battery to provide users with extra battery time. The case comes with an external map card that has gigabytes of outdoor maps so that you don’t have to save them on your iPhone, saving you precious space on your device. Users can view full-color topo maps in 18 zoom levels (1:250K to 1:24K) down to 20-foot contours in most places. People can even get additional map cards for states they live in or want to visit and switch between them.

TopoCharger case comes with a 1,460 mAh lithium-polymer battery and a micro-USB cable to charge it. Additionally, you can even check the battery status of the case thanks to the presence of the LED notification lights. The most interesting feature of the case is that you don’t need cellular coverage or mobile data to view the maps on your iPhone, everything is saved in the map card so you can use it anywhere you go.


The case is priced at $149, and is compatible with iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S. It’s expected to hit retail in March later this year, and users interested in the case can subscribe on their site to know about its launch.

Hammad Saleem

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