Xbox 360 gamers across the nation collectively got disappointed today when the upcoming Titanfall is delayed to March 25th due to Bluepoint Games needing a bit more time to “work on the finishing touches” (at least they’ll be making sure the game is solid? As for the Windows PC version and Xbox One version, all things are a go and still on schedule for the March 11th North American release date.

While 360 gamers gets disappointed, the PC master race continues to reap benefit. There’s now a surprise Friday 20% off coupon for pre-orders of Titanfall!

Update 3/5: The previous 25% off deal is now over but here are the best Titanfall pre-order deals as of writing. Act fast, they will expire soon!

GameFly’s February 20% off coupon code has been running since earlier this month, however today is the first time it’s been allowed to discount Titanfall. The coupon in theory works site-wide, though there are several upcoming and trendy games that are excluded from the discount such as Battlefield 4. We were rather surprised that Titanfall pre-order works, given the fact that the last time a discount was available for the pre-order was a whopping five months ago!

For those unfamiliar with Titanfall, it’s a game developed by Respawn entertainment – a new studio made up guys who were responsible for the Call of Duty franchise at Infinity WardThe game is built for a 6 vs 6 multiplayer with the theme of small vs. giant, natural vs. industrial and man vs. machine. It has collected over 70 awards PRIOR to release date, so if you want hype, this is it.

Will Titanfall be 2014′s Game of the Year or another disappointment? We’ll find out in just a little bit over a month.

Let us know in the comments if you’re planning on pre-ordering Titanfall, and if the 20% off coupon is incentive enough.

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