Sammy Screamer Screeches Your Smartphone When Your Stuff Gets Moved

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Sammy Screamer

Sammy Screamer

Okay, the title wasn’t meant to be a tongue twister, but we just thought it rolled off the tongue pretty well. Sammy Screamer is a pretty cool little device if you have roommates who always borrow your stuff or co-workers who always steal your office supplies since it’ll alert you via phone that your crap has been moved. The little motion-sensitive device developed by BleepBleeps is actually aimed at parents so that they can be alerted with their kids are tampering with something they’re not supposed to be touching like doors, fridges, backpacks,etc.

It attaches via a magnet or loop and you can set its sensitivity and volume levels using its free iOS/Android app. When that item it’s attached to gets moved, it’ll sound an alarm and send a push notification to your phone via Bluetooth up to a range of about 164 feet away. It’s powered by a small coin cell battery and is the first of the company’s parenting assistants, with more devices coming soon if this Kickstarter campaign goes well. Get yours for pledging $65 or more on Kickstarter, with a family pack of three going for $150.

Sammy Screamer


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