Rok Espresso Machine

An espresso maker that makes delicious java and is good for the earth…sign us up! The non-electric, manual ROK espresso maker is ideal for those looking to conserve power. Made from polished, high-quality aluminum, this espresso maker will look great in any kitchen with its sleek and minimal design. But not only does it look good, it’ll save energy since the only power required is to heat the water as needed for each espresso. The¬†pressure required to make the espresso is achieved with the lowering of the lever arms.

ROK espresso maker

This process of lowering the arms traps air and forces ¬†water through the ground coffee at a high pressure. All you need to do is bring some water to a boil, place coffee in its steel filter/portafilter and then pour that boiling water into its top chamber. Then raise the arms to let the water filter through and lower to brew your espresso. It’s perfect for use at home, vacation homes, boats and anywhere you want to make cafe-style coffee. The Fancy has it for $240.


Kristie Bertucci

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