It doesn’t matter if you were born within the last decade or the last five, if you’ve ever watched a science fiction flick you’ve wanted a robot of your very own. Sure, our parents tried their best by bringing home those remote controlled automations. Depending on the decade in which you were an adolescent, the toy in questions is probably one of these here. They were great for the time, but they weren’t something you’d expect to be able to help you when a bully came your way like Twiki in Buck Rodgers, Johnny 5 from Short Circuit 1 & 2, or even R2-D2. R2 at least had a Taser to help keep those pesky Jawas & Ewoks at bay. Luckily, the future has arrived and you can finally have your very own battle droid. You’ll have to do a little modding, but, hey, that’s what makes robotics fun, right?

The Remote Controlled Death Ray Drone Bot


From the madly imaginative and inventive mind of The DIY Laser Guy comes a devilish little bot that makes me jump in my seat over anticipation for mine appearing in the mail.

empty bot

The DIY Laser Guy, also known as styropyro on YouTube, has used his madly inventive mind to create a blindingly awesome battle bot that he calls the Remote Controlled Death Drone Bot. To keep things clear, the DIYLG didn’t build this bot from scratch, he even went the extra mile and made sure to say so on the video’s YouTube page. What he did, however is take an $80.00 DOOM RAZOR-ATTACKNID bot from, remove its toy weapon and then refit it with heavy duty, blind ya quick laser beams. Yeah, take that Dr. Evil! Who needs sharks when you’ve got five or six of these babies?

bot laser mounted

DIYLG didn’t post a stand-alone instructional video on how he refit the weapons bay, but he does give a fully detailed description while providing close up shots, making it easy to figure out how to do it on your own. I love this thing and want to make my own right now. The only things that really bother me with DIYLG’s Death Ray Drone Bot is that it’s slow and isn’t autonomous. While seeing a crawling, spiderlike robot approach while aiming a red laser at genitalia will likely cause your prey to defecate themselves, the sight of you manually adjusting its aim via a remote control will likely cut the tension of impending doom pretty darn quick.

bot fire 2

What I would like to see, (and maybe even build myself), is the addition of a Raspberry Pi board and a Kinect Cam on these delightful little death crawlers. Once that’s done, all that really needs to be done is to train them to seek and destroy targets. After that, true villainous autonomy. All the balloons will fear the name of the all mighty Jordan and his Death Crawling Balloon Hunters! Mu-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!

Bot Firing

…but seriously folks, with bots like these, the possibilities are endless. For only $80, you can have the primary building block in creating a variety of useful bots. You could make a playmate for your living pet, equipped with a non-blinding laser for Fido or Kitty to chase around. You could place a smartphone mount and use it as an in-home communication device, or, if you’re dastardly (and willing to break laws about booby-trapping your home), use it as a home protect-a-tron.

Whatever you choose to do with it, make sure to stay safe. Joking about death bots is one thing, but actually creating one is likely going to get you on a watch list or ten. If you’re technologically adept enough to build one of these and have an inkling to do so, make sure to head back and post a couple of images in the comments. Who knows, maybe you can incorporate and get acquired by Google too.

Jordan Goodson

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