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We all hate when we lose things, especially at pivotal moments like when you’re leaving the house only to find that you misplaced your car keys or your wallet. It’s something we’ve all done and every time we’ve done it, we’ve wished we had some sort of device that would track it for us. Nokia heard your wishes and has developed their Nokia Treasure Tag, which is a tiny device that will alert you on you Lumia when your valuables are separated. Measuring about the size of a matchbox, the Tag is simply device that is paired to your Lumia via NFC or Bluetooth. If you leave the house without the other, the two will emit a loud alert to let you know that you forgot something. But if you can’t hear the alert or miss it for some reason or another, its app will also help you locate your lost time on its map.

You can connect up to four different Tags to your Nokia Lumia, and can assign ready-made icons for each tag. And if you intentionally want to leave a tagged item at home and don’t want to be bothered with the alert, you can deactivate it or put it put it in sleep mode from the Nokia Tag app. It has battery life that can last up to six months and can easily be replaced with a standard coin cell type battery when it does finally go out. It’ll come in four different colors – black, yellow, cyan and white – and retail for $29.90 when it’s released in April.

Treasure Tag

Kristie Bertucci

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