Calling all Back to the Future fans! The highly anticipated LEGO DeLorean Time Machine set is finally available for purchase! Yup, after waiting for what seems to be forever, you can finally build your own time machine, LEGO style, with the set that was selected to be the next LEGO CUUSOO set early last year. A few were available for purchase at last year’s San Diego Comic Con and if you weren’t one of the lucky few to get your hands on them, now’s your chance. The set has 401 pieces and sells for $34.99.


It features fully opening gull-wing doors, fold-up wheels, a flux capacitor, time travel display and two license plates. But it also includes etra engines and wheels so you can recreate the different variants of the time-machine from the different movies. You’ll also get two minifigures – Marty McFly and Doc Brown. Besides its building instructions, the set also includes an exclusive Back to the Future info booklet. And since it’s most likely going to be a collector’s item, only five sets can be purchased at a time.


Kristie Bertucci

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