Picking up your dog’s poop while on walks isn’t always fun. In fact, it’s a tedious job that has to be done (well, unless you’re an A-hole who doesn’t pick up after their dog). The power stool tool gets the dirty work done for you so you don’t have to! No bending down to pick up poop or accidentally touching it because there was a hole in the bag when you have Auggiedog around. Looking like a cane, the Auggiedog features an adjustable shaft that you can tailor to your height and has a handle grip that you push when you want to pick up your dog’s waste.

Just lower the barrel opening over the poop, select the “Collect and Lift” switch and then push the “Pickup/Release Button” that’s under the handle. To dispose of the waste, position the open end of the device over a waste container or toilet and select the “Empty Lower” switch before pushing the  “Pickup/Release Button” and the auger will rotate and eject the waste. Then when you’re done, place it in the Clean Station until its next use (it’s recommended you clean after every use using the Cleansoultion). The stool tool goes for $149.99 with Cleansoultion an added $12.95.

Auggiedoggie 1

Kristie Bertucci

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