Why Buy Pre-Fab? Build a PS4!

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2 Comments to Why Buy Pre-Fab? Build a PS4!

  1. Few important things to consider which don’t bear necessarily on the parts but look at the actual decision, price wise, to go for a PC.

    Firstly, console optimisation will count for a lot – it usually does. Will another upgrade be necessary in a few years time? Will the money for that upgrade be saved by going PC as I note below? It will also be interesting to see how the new cloud service does, although as I point out later I’m not keen on paying for backwards compatibility on games I already own.

    Price wise:

    I don’t know how it affects individual GPUs but I know the price of some GPUs have gone through the roof recently with the litecoin mining craze but I imagine it’s just a question of supply/demand and will be sorted in time. I’m just letting readers know that they probably should wait a few months until the craze dies down.

    Third thing to consider is what you’d save on steam sales. Of course, you could be like me and go for used games after a few years when they get very cheap; I love picking up older games for chips and physically bargain hunting at my local.

    Perhaps another matter on this path is backwards compatibility. I just got some retro games running off steam in the big picture on my TV and it’s never been more liberating to go from Super Mario 64 to Crash Bandicoot or even Road Rash with a click of a button on my controller. Unfortunately, there appears to be a habit of charging consumers for “HD remakes” of games they already own.

    It’s also important to note that you have to pay for PSN+ for online play. Over five years, it’s a lot of money and the fact that PSN was free was a real selling point back in the day. Yes, there’s free games right now, but let’s distinguish PS3 PSN+, which had to have some benefit in order to attract ordinary PSN users, and PS4 PSN+ which will be necessary for online. Online play is an important feature and there’s a very real possibility that the benefits of PSN+ will shrink as time goes on, its price could even rise, as PSN+ becomes a requirement rather than a nice premium feature. Sceptical I know, but possible.

    My final point which you ought to consider is whether you are currently using a laptop, need to upgrade, or if your computer is knackered. It’s also important to decide whether you’re comfortable with your current console right now if you have one. For myself, I’m happy with my PS3 and don’t see a need to change. I’m currently on a laptop but it is beginning to age and these things inevitably clank out and die. I think when I need a new computer, I’ll save the money on buying a PS4 and a new laptop and just chuck the two together. I’m going to need a computer anyway.

    Decisions… decisions… I think I have my heart set on a PC but Playstation has been a faithful companion down the years; the jump from ps3-ps4 just feels a little underwhelming to me. We can’t predict the future, I suppose.

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