Triton Oxygen Respirator

Apparently, outh Korean designer, Jeabyun Yeon, has designed an oxygen mask that draws air from the water that you swim. The Triton Oxygen Respirator nixes the tank, making diving a lot easier. The plastic mouthpiece features gill-like arms on the sides of the scuba mask that provide you with air. It has small holes in the middle of it where water gets sucked in, which in turn has the inner chambers separate the hydrogen from the oxygen and releases it so that you get breathable air as you go about on your underwater adventures. As a convenient concept, it allows users to breath underwater for a long time by simply biting down on it and doesn’t require the skill of breathing in and out while bitting the mouth piece like a conventional respirator. It relies on “future” batteries with 30 times the capacity of current batters, according to Yeon. Although it sounds great, the device isn’t likely to make it to production.


Kristie Bertucci

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