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Update: Newegg’s special price on the Xbox One for $479.99 is over at 50 units sold. Original story below.

We know the Xbox One 2013 sales numbers weren’t as good as the PS4, but could the ultimate triumph of the PS4 be the Xbox One dropping in price already at select retailers?

In a rather surprising move, NewEgg’s eBay store has discounted Xbox One down to $479.99 – a full $20 off the usual $499.99 MSRP. There’s a limited quantity available, though the total stock is not known. This price drop is not universal, in fact every other online retailer is still selling for the full $499.99 list price. This is rather surprising move given the newly released console from Microsoft was barely discounted during the holiday season.

Maybe the Xbox One isn’t selling? Maybe NewEgg needs to move a few units off its shelves? Who knows. Twenty bucks isn’t a whole lot, but a discount like this is extremely rare for hardware that’s just been released and it’ll be interesting to see how many units Newegg ends up moving through this 4% off enticement.

On other 8th Gen console pricing, the Wii U basic released at $299.99 in November 2012, and within a year the price had come down to $249.99. In fact, now you can get a Skylanders Wii U bundle for only $250. While Microsoft squashed rumors last year of a Kinect-less Xbox One, it has been recently talked about an increase GPU performance by taking away the 8% reserved for the Kinect’s video. If they do go this route beyond a software update,  we actually might see a cheaper Kinect-less Xbox One in the future if the $500 price tag becomes an issue. For naysayers, don’t forget that Microsoft has reversed its positions before regarding the Kinect.

In 2013 the Xbox One sold an impressive 3 million consoles worldwide in 2013, but this did fall short of the 4.2 million PS4 units sold.

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