I saw this massive 120-inch Vizio set at CES last week.  Stunning picture quality, far or close.  Moving it around would be a painful experience, though, given its size, but that goes without saying.  Unfortunately, Vizio hasn’t revealed official specs.  That said, this particular set, which is said to be available for purchase sometime in the foreseeable future, is clearly more showpiece than anything else.  The real sellers will be the more traditional consumer sizes (55″+), which I also saw.

Some specs:

  • 4k resolution
  • 800 cd/m2 brightness
  • 10-bit panel with a wide color gamut (more than traditional LCD TVs, but less than OLED)
  • 384 Active LED zones
  • 120fps

Unfortunately, Vizio was tight lipped when it came to price.  And if you think you’ll find these for a reasonable, Costcoesque price, keep dreaming.  The Reference Series is targeted at the true audiophile.  Someone who isn’t willing to skimp on a panel, but perhaps isn’t ready to dive into OLED, which is currently still cost prohibitive (to both consumers and manufacturers).


Christen Costa

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