CycleNav Smart Bike Navigator

Schwinn may be known for their bikes, but they’ve recently unveiled their first-ever mobile accessory at this years CES show with their CycleNav SmartBike Navigator that’s a free mobile app paired with a handlebar-mounted smart-bike navigation unit designed to give riders turn-by-turn audio and visual navigation from their handlebars. The device connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth and provides users with audio commands and visual light indicators to direct you to your desired destination. Your hands are then free to steer while the device voices directions and flashes turn indicators, all while your smartphone is in your pocket allowing you to focus on the road and not on your phone. You can explore new bike trails or test out new commutes to work since biking is made safer with the CycleNav Smart Bike Navigator.

Choosing your desired bike route is simple since all you have to do is enter the address and the device will provide you with route options based on terrain and the shortest route available, as well as time and distance. You can add stops or create your own custom route, too. And if you miss its voice directions, the device will set  you back on the right track. And as an added bonus, CycleNav also acts a bicycle headlight to keep you safe during evening and night rides. Then at the end of your journey, the app records stats from your ride like distance, duration and calories burned to prove you insight on your ride that you can then share with friends via social media. It’ll be available at Walmart stores in spring 2014 for $59.99.

Kristie Bertucci

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