It’s flu season and you know what that means! Making sure everything around you is clean and bacteria free to avoid the annoying sickness. Phonesoap wants to help you out by sanitizing  your phone and charging it at the same time. Since phones are warm, bacteria can thrive on your favorite device, allowing it to multiply and spread. Once in six phones is actually contaminated with fecal matter, which is something not everyone knows. Sounds gross, right? The Phonesoap charger is the only phone charge that cleans while it charges. It’s 100 percent safe on your phone and the tastes and most complete way to kill all the bacteria growing on your phone.

Phonesoap 2

It uses two UV-C lamps to produce a very specific wavelength of light that encompasses your phone and pass through cell walls of bacteria and virus to impair their DNA. This makes them die and they can no longer cause infections or disease. It also kills “SuperBugs” that have actually developed resistance to chemicals and antibiotics that used to be effective, making your phone bacteria free. It takes only four minutes to completely sanitize your phone and a blue indicator on the front of the Phonesoap will let you know when it’s done. But the great thing about Phonesoap is that it’ll charge any device and is designed to fit even the largest smartphones around. It ships with a Micro USB cable which is what most smartphones use to chafe. For only $49.95, the Phonesoap might help in decreasing your chances of getting sick this year!

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Kristie Bertucci

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