parrot sumo

Parrot is known for their Bluetooth products, but they’re transitioning into the drone market and revealed two new drones at CES earlier this month. Both are new smartphone-controlled bots: The Sumo and the MiniDrone. The Sumo is a rolling and jumping bot that features two wheels and moves around the ground. It features a camera and a foot built in that allows it to stop instantly (like the company’s bigger AR Drone) and can leap up in the air to 80 cm. It’s a pretty rugged drone that’s ready to tackle your adventurous lifestyle.

The MiniDrone is a smaller version of the AR Drone and can fly and roll. It’s only about a tenth of the size of the bigger version, which allows you to slide it in your pocket. Because it’s small in size and portable, it doesn’t have a camera but adds removable, large wheels that allows it to roll on the ground or run along the wall or ceiling. So far, no ship date has been announced, but the company did promise that they’ll be available soon.

parrot minidrone

Kristie Bertucci

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