Having a pool is great, but if you have kids it can kind of be a headache. You’re always worrying about the possibility of drowning and your mind is never at ease when your kids are in the pool. The iSwimband will help ease your mind since it’s a portable and effective personal drowning detection system that will alert you if a swimmer has been submerged beyond a certain time limit or if a non-swimmer enters the water. It’ll alert a Bluetooth-enabled iOS device so that you always know what’s happening with your child when they wear the band while in the pool. But it doesn’t just work for pool owners; it can be used in lakes, rivers, the beach, even in spas and bathtubs.

The band was developed with hep from experts in aquatic safety so you’ll feel safe using it (but it won’t replace diligent supervision by an adult). It’s comfortable, lightweight and fits most swimmers and it works well with googles/swimcaps. There’s also a tamper-free wristband that will fit most toddlers. You can monitor up to 8 bands per iOS device and has up to 100-foot range. Set up takes only a few minutes and it includes a free companion iSwimband app. While it’s currently only for iOS users, there is an Android version being made and will be marketed soon. The iSwimband goes for $124.99 with a retail ship date in March.


Kristie Bertucci

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