Hewlett Packard Is Bringing Windows 7 Back

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4 Comments to Hewlett Packard Is Bringing Windows 7 Back

  1. Everybody should get some of what you are smoking, I am looking at the HP website, I see boxes to choose different operating systems on the left side of the screen where i can choose windows 8, 8.1, 7, chrome OS, etc and the windows 8.1 boxes it shows are cheaper than the 7 boxes. Seems like any idiot who wants to get a headline can just post some outrageous comments and make it on google’s news headline section.

  2. Will HP provide me a path to get Windows 7 back on my recently purchased HP computer that I no other option that to take Windows 8.1?

    • Wendell Carroll

      Hi there Fred. I’m not sure what options HP will or can offer you for your machine. I repair computers for a living. I have lost count of the number of customers wanting me to downgrade their machines to Windows 7. But sometimes doing so voids their warranty. So I’ve come across a work around. Just Google a program called Classic Shell. Install it and it will for all intent and purposes look and behave as a Windows 7 machine. I have never had a single customer that wasn’t satisfied after installing Classic Shell. Give it a try. You have nothing to loose.

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