Easybreath Snorkel Mask Allows YouTo Breathe Underwater As You Do On Land

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6 Comments to Easybreath Snorkel Mask Allows YouTo Breathe Underwater As You Do On Land

  1. Concerns with this mask
    1) Dead space- wouldn’t it be huge? Lots of rebreathing stale air.
    2) Flooding- Could be dangerous with already panicy people in the water struggling to get the mask off without drowning. (I know the mask isn’t meant to flood from the snorkel but it could still leak from the sides).
    3) Plug in the snorkel getting stuck= panic when people can’t breath or get the mask off quickly. I’m pretty sure that’s why almost no one uses the pingpong ball snorkel types anymore. Could also cause panic if they tipped their head forward bringing the snorkel underwater causing it to plug the snorkel opening.

    I don’t know, haven’t used it but it sounds potentially quite dangerous to me. If you have really panicy people in the water that can’t cope with a normal mask/snorkel, if something goes wrong, this set up could be very bad.At least with a normal snorkel you just spit it out and you can breathe again.

    • For someone who has not even seen the mask let alone use it how the hell can you write a review!!

    • Christen Costa

      It’s not a review. Please note the title and the content. Thank you for stopping by, though!

    • “Easybreath will be available in Decathlon stores and decathlon.com web site.” This is the response I got when I asked them.

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