Gone is the 8th Gen Console Holiday rush, but in most regions of the US it’s been surprisingly hard to get your hands on a PlayStation 4. This week it looks like the hard to get trend is fading. On Wednesday GameStop sent out a press release announcing they have some units available at select store locations. Well, if you’re not near a GameStop, fortunatly there’s an easy way online.

Rather than overpaying on eBay, the Playstation 4 is in-stock for shipping at Best Buy’s online store. If you’re looking to pick up in store, you may be out of luck. The console is only guaranteed to be in-stock online, as there’s no “free store pickup” option for the PS4 during checkout.

While it’s not ideal to pay $399.99 and have to wait a few days for the final product, at least shipping won’t cost you anything. The free delivery, as of time of writing, gets the console shipped to you between Wednesday, Jan 29 – Friday, Jan 31. There are options though to get it faster. The fastest “Express shipping” method will cost $24.99 and gets it to you by Monday, Jan 27.

The limited stock issue probably had much to do with the world wide sales volume. In 2013, PS4 world wide sales were reported at 4.4 million – that crushes the Xbox One competition which had approximately 3 million in 2013.


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