Saw the CES 2014 trailer on Alien: Isolation from The Creative Assembly (makers of Total War: Rome II)? If the hype got you going enough, you can now give a vote of confidence with a pre-order for this title that will be released… well, to be announced sometime in 2014?

Update: Game is said to be released some time in late 2014.

UK-based retailer Green Man Gaming must have seen the hype train at CES 2014, as the latest Alien film franchise-based title was just made available today to be pre-ordered. Thus far, the action survival horror game is confirmed to be available on the PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, and PS4. The Wii U is unceremoniously left out, and Sega currently has no plan to put the game on Wii U, according to the latest tweet from the Alien: Isolation Twitter account.

$37.50Alien: Isolation (Steam Key)
Use coupon code: GMG25-0YUM5-VKMVU

As an added incentive to get you to pre-order, GMG has a 25% off pre-order coupon on Alien: Isolation, making the game drop from $49.99 to only $37.50 — not too shabby an incentive.

The coupon code listed above will expire on Monday, January 13th at 11AM ET. The game is confirmed to be a Steam-activated title. If you think pre-ordering for a game that only has a just-released trailer is crazy, don’t forget we live in an age where “early access” (AKA Alphas) can sell hundreds of thousands of copies.

Is the 25% off carrot + announcement gameplay trailer enough to sway your dollars? Or will you sit back and wait some more? Let us know!

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