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Put down those gifts and pound back that last shot of Uncle Buck’s aggressively spiked eggnog. The Holidays are over and our bellies are stuffed. But keep your strength. The wait is over and another massively glorious celebration is upon us to test our mettle. CES 2014 is here! Every year there’s many and more super slick devices that leave our maw agape and this year is shaping up to be replete with tech goodies as far as the eye can see.

We’re scrambling to deliver as much CES 2014 intel as we can. But in these first few days at the glorious Vegas spectacle, we’ve spied some hopefuls, which have already snagged our attention. One of these is not a tangible product at all. It’s Sprint‘s new super-high-speed LTE network capability dubbed Sprint Spark™.

Along with this new speed capability, here are 7 tech products we can’t wait to check out at CES 2014:

 1. 2015 Ford Mustang

2015 Ford Mustang

This monster wasn’t named the “Official Car” of CES 2014 for nothing. Touted as the most technologically advanced version of Ford’s iconic pony car, this alluring monster of American muscle doubles as a parent’s best friend. MyKey allows parents to limit speed and audio volumes and bolster safety alerts and driver-assist functions for younger — less precautions drivers. It features Bluetooth and USB support and comes equipped with a 8-inch HD touch screen display. Control your smartphone with Applink, voice recognition and upgraded SYNC–just to name a few of the premium amenities.

2. Hydrogen Reactor


The hydrogen reactor is an incredible mobile power source. It combines a personal hydrogen core with the oxygen in the air to generate remote power to your favorite energy-starved USB devices like tablets, phones, rechargeable devices, GPS receivers and more.

3. Reebok Checklight


The severity of impact injuries sustained by athletes is often not immediately or visibly evident. The Reebok Checklight uses an array of sensors in the skulllcap to asses an athlete’s condition before returning to the field.

4. Sprint Spark

sprint spark

This new, ambitious capability combines 800MHz, 1.9GHz and 2.5GHz LTE bands to offer stronger in-building signal quality, enhanced clarity in call quality and peak speeds of 50-60Mbps in real world applications. Sprint Spark™ is already supported in the LG G2, Samsung Galaxy Mega™, Samsung S® 4 Mini and HTC One® Max phones.

5. Instabeat


Aquaman meets Google Glass?! I say thee yay! Instabeat is the first heads-up monitor that is completely waterproof. It displays color-coded feedback of your heart right on the lenses of your swimming goggles.

6. Form 1 3D Printer


Printing physical 3D objects is nothing new for the well-to-do. But it might as well be witchcraft to the average consumer with limited disposable cash. Formlabs offers a complete 3D printing solution complete with printer, software and post-processing kit. it uses stereolithography tech for some of the highest resolution available in 3D printing.

7. EMP Haptic Actuators

We’re not necessarily enthralled to see this little chip specifically, but the miniature devices it can power up is something we tech-sleuths can’t pass up a chance to witness. The Electromagnetic Polymer Actuator boasts enhanced vibration haptics and audio clarity for a new breed of super slim Smart devices, wearable tech, home appliances and computing solutions.


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