7 Examples of How the Playstation 4 Dominates the XBox One

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33 Comments to 7 Examples of How the Playstation 4 Dominates the XBox One

  1. I really appreciate the research, but one thing more that PS4 does not play PS3 gmaes. (Actually I have 10-15 PS3 Games in Optical storage I want them to work on PS4 as well)

  2. GamerWhatever

    Probably the most biased review I have ever read, I have owned a xbox 360 since 2007 and before accusations of fanboy etc I am waiting to see which one would suit me, and at the moment the PS4 is slightly ahead, and I do mean slightly in what I would purchase, but reviews like this don’t help.

    When I read a review I expected the person doing the reviewing to leave what ever their personal favorite is out of the office and write a well balanced review helping me with my decision, do Sony pay your wages? or have they given you a free PS4 for writing this.

  3. Seriously bash Microsoft and make magical things up about ps4 it comes with a camera for 399? Where does this deal happen and the vita can stream games laughable since u have to be on local wifi I’d think you own neither controllers your just nuts I know no gamer none that prefer Sony over Microsoft especially how easy it is to use on your pc

  4. Jesus, Jordan, I hope you actually get paid by Sony for this… What’s up with the whole fanboy tip at your age? You’ve got a beard, brother. Leave it to the 13 year olds already. Obviously both machines play games very well, obviously both have different strengths, obviously neither one “dominates” the other, this much has been established and is inarguable fact at this point. Opinion pieces by semi-professional contributors on legit sites such as GadgetReview should read as such… Not like troll posts on tweener-infested gamer forums. But hey, if you’re bound and determined for that vibe, allow me to offer a suggestion… Look into writing your articles in all caps.That would really evoke the whole rabid fanboy forum rant sensibility. Good luck, captain.

    • yeah..Microsoft and Sony aren’t lame enough to release hardware with overly high differences in specs. But MS indeed releasing a platform with lower specs and a higher price raises many questions. Don’t bring the Kinect stuff since gamers never asked for it and they were simply forced down the throat.

      • Didn’t ask for it but it’s really cool and fun talking to your console really feel like the future is here but I grew up in the 80’s and I get why younger people aren’t impressed but those of use who have been waiting it’s welcomed

  5. How much did Sony pay you to write the this article? No integrity in journalism anymore. Maybe do some fact checking before writing a peice like this.

    • Integrity? Define it. The article clearly explains dominance with examples. Observe the sales ratio of PS4 to One in Europe which has now come back to 3:1 post Christmas/Holiday frame during which it already doing 2:1. The Europe market is a key factor to the overall success of consoles. The original XBox had this issue. It never took off in the key markets outside US that led to its demise. PS2 was already king by the time even in US.

  6. Good review, and due to recent events, I think that we can assume, these are definitely contributing points as to why the PS4 is not killing, but slaughtering, the Xbox One.

    • That must be why the Xbox One is to date the second fastest selling home console right after the ps4….

      Slaughtering… lol some do love to over exaggerate.

      • wait for a few more months from now post Japanese launch and we will see for sure whether so called “slaughter” actually relates to pure dominance usually talked about thereafter. Remember Europe is already going crazy and demands are not being met by supply constraints with Sony. Japan is the tricky factor. Usually the market is owned by handhelds there. But with PS4 you may never know. I believe the numbers are poised to be bigger…

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