The hammer of irony slams down hard in this comical new Ultrabook ad from Intel. It likens the performance of Dell’s new Ultrabook family to that of a Monster Truck and its penchant for pancaking automobiles.

The analogy is far from a stretch. New Dell Ultrabooks are packing all the latest in high tech. This includes 4th Generation Intel Core processors, slim and sexy lightweight form factors and a host of other features spread out across the new line of Ultrabooks. Each new device is a stylish marriage of Intel muscle and the crafted elegance you have come to expect from Dell.
Enjoy HD movies in gorgeous high fidelity with resolutions reaching 2560 x 1440. Whether the pastime is work or play, the new Intel Ultrabooks from Dell are armed to the teeth with ample processing power and Intel HD 4200 Integrated Graphics for smooth HD gaming. Each new Ultrabook offers touch-screen capability, which compliments the Windows 8 Pro 64 tile-friendly operating software.

The XPS 11 2-in-1 is Dell’s Ultrabook “MVP” with the looks and power to crush the competition. Yet surprisingly the price tag won’t leave your wallet on the sidelines. It’s packing an 11.6 inch LED backlit touch display with Truelife and QHD resolution. For those low on “brag fuel” that’s effectively HD 1440p. The entire line of XPS 11 Intel Ultrabooks from Dell, feature lightening fast mSATA Solid State Drives and 4GB of 1600Mhz Dual Channel internal memory.

The new Dell Ultrabook! It’s so sexy, you won’t mind the Monster Truck is “not included”!

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Shawn Sanders

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