Ratio Brewer

Coffee is as essential as air to many. It’s the only thing that gets you up in the morning and the most important afternoon pick-me-up invented. For coffee enthusiasts who want more from their precious cup of Joe comes the new Ratio Coffee Brewer from Mark Hellweg of Clive Coffee. The Ratio 8 model will ship in May 2014 and is an eight-cup brewer features a cantilevered top and base that’s made of aluminum with a nickel-plated finish and complimented by sleek Oregon black walnut. It’s a coffee machine that not only brews up a delicious cup of Joe, but also looks beautiful. Its water tank is made of borosilicate glass, as well as its supply lines and custom carafe that can fit Chemex paper or Able Kone metal filters and comes with a distinctive cork base. Each one is hand-assembled in Portland, Oregon, too, justifying its $480 price (but it’s down to $395 for preorder during December if your’e one of the first 500 orders).

What’s great about the brewer is that it features a simple one-button system with automatically programmed temperature, time and water dispensing variable. The machine can make up to 40oz of brewed coffee or as little as 16oz  and sports auto-adjusted setting that’s based on the amount of water you place in the tank. This is thanks to a magnet that detects if the carafe is in place.  It will be available at both 110 and 220 voltage settings, making it for fans in the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, Europe and beyond.

Kristie Bertucci

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