Panasonic Hybrid Vaccuum-1

Vacuum cleaners are not exactly the “sexiest” of gadgets; while vacuum cleaner technology has steadily marched forward over the decades, it’s rarely the kind of thing you care about unless you’re a janitorial professional or a deeply boring human being. But a robot that can suck up a bowling ball? That we want to talk about!

Panasonic Ensures Its Vacuums Suck

As you might have guessed, Panasonic is going out of its way to ensure its vacuum cleaner redefines “overkill.” First of all, the “cyclonic” vacuum cleaner sucks with such force that it can supposedly lift a six-pound bowling ball. While no Internet viral videos yet exist demonstrating this that we could find, we’re sure that one way or the other, this thing has a lot of sucking power.

Hybrid Design

Adding to the overkill is how many bells and whistles are tagged to this thing. It has a retractable cord that you can plug into the wall, of course, but it also has a lithium ion battery that you can charge through your smartphone because… because… well, because it’s cool. Sadly, the batteries don’t last very long; you can expect this little vacuum to get just twenty minutes of power out of each charge. Fortunately, it’s full of tools to ensure you can make those twenty minutes a cleaning frenzy.

Sensors Everywhere


Finally, there’s a light in the handle that will trigger if the vacuum detects dust, because Panasonic enjoys torturing clean freaks. Apparently the sensor can detect particles of dust as small as twenty microns, because it’s not really clean unless it’s clean on the absolutely microscopic level.

In short, this is a perfect gift for space savers and a terrible gift for a person suffering from OCD. Either way, you’ll have to import it from Japan: Panasonic has only released it there for now.

Dan Seitz

Dan Seitz is an obsessive nerd living in New England. He lives in the Boston area with a fiancee, a dog, a cat, and far too many objects with processors.