Drinking and driving is not cool, neither is drinking to the point where you become a drunk dumb ass. Avoid both by using Alcohoot, the device that will turn you into a smart drinker. It will instantly turn your phone into a breathalyzer. You’ll be able to track the amount of alcohol you’ve consumed and learn your trends in your drinking habits so you can learn how to drink better and avoid ending your night too early being took drunk. It’ll also help you avoid overconsumption for those week day nights after happy hour when you have to get up early for work the next morning. The app will also call a taxi for you with one touch, making it easy to get home safe when you’ve had a super fun night out. But the convenience doesn’t stop there – the app can navigate which restaurants are open late and are within walking distance so you an get a late-night snack to sober up.


It uses¬†advanced law enforcement breath testing technology in the palm of your hands makes for a safer night out for you and everybody else. Its cutting-edge fuel cell sensors, paired together with a smart internal pump and pressure sensor provide consistent professional grad accuracy so you get the right results. Plus it’s easy to use! The device simply plugs into your smartphone via the headphone jack and there’s no pairing or installation required. Since it’s small and sleek, you can easily fit it in your back pocket or purse. For $119, it’s not a bad price for safe drinking (compared to a DUI).


Kristie Bertucci

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