One of the more popular uses for smartphones has been to determine just how good you are at sports. From basketball to hockey, there’s plenty of connected sports equipment telling you all about angle, power, strength, speed and more. The Babolat Play wants to ensure that tennis fans aren’t left out of the fun.

Cue The Endless Love Jokes

It’s a pretty simple device to understand. The racquet is full of sensors that passively measure everything. All you have to do is play as you normally do, and try not to be self-conscious that a computer is recording every serve. Once you’re done with practice, or the game, just sit down, let the racquet transfer the necessary data, and then look at it over a sports drink.


And it will have pretty much everything. Babolat claims the racquet can differentiate between forehands, backhands, smashes and serves. Not only that, it can measure spin, power, force, and where the ball is hitting your racquet, every single time. Then, of course, you use the data to become a better player, once you get past the realization that you’re terrible at tennis, at least if you’re yours truly. Joking aside, knowing where you’re strong and where you could improve will help you deliver a better game, whether you’re a professional or just looking to finally beat that smug guy at the courts.

Smack Some Balls


Of course, no piece of technology can magically improve your game; you’ll have to put in the work to ensure that you can deliver on the court. But with this racquet in your hand, at least you’ll know what you’ll need to work on. Or, you know, you can just ignore it and try to beat your opponent by winging the ball at them really fast, which is also a valid, if unsporting, strategy.

Dan Seitz

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