There are all sorts of cases for your iDevice, ranging from the purely functional to the utterly outlandish. The Apple Worm, however, manages to be a little bit of both; it’s a functional idea, but it can look bizarre.

They Call Me Doctor Worm

The Apple Worm’s fundamental feature is the rugged data cable on the back, although the case itself looks to be a nice little discreet one as well. As you may have guessed, the idea is that you’ve always got a cable to charge your phone or transfer photos. Which, admittedly, is handy in of itself; but this isn’t just any data cable, but one that can take a little abuse.

Cable News

The cable is built in a housing that you can bend and distort while leaving attached to the back. No, it’s not for your inner artist. It’s to use your case as a kickstand for your phone. Simply bend the cable to a useful shape, and watch Netflix, or game, or whatever appeals. The cable can take a surprising amount of distortion, in demonstration photos: The developers have it practically doubled back on itself at one point. In other words, this cable can take the abuse you dish out.

The Worm Turns


It does seem likely that the Apple Worm will have to change its name before it hits the market; Apple’s picky about having its name associated with third-party products, after all. But that doesn’t change the fact that this is a simple and cleverly engineered solution to an annoyance that a lot of us run into. That said, though, you’ll need to act fast if you want to secure one; they’re currently available for $29, including shipping, for one set from IndieGoGo. But we doubt that this’ll be the last we see of this particular product.

Dan Seitz

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