5 Ways Apple Forces Us to Buy New Hardware, Year After Year (list)

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Apple Hardware
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2 Comments to 5 Ways Apple Forces Us to Buy New Hardware, Year After Year (list)

  1. As an Apple aficionado for more than 20 years I’d be lying if I didn’t say Apple is pissing me off. With a stack of G4/G5 PPC’s, all the gear, Parents who I support for similar, new products are not feasible. I used to run an entire computer program funded by me. All used old Mac’s, it made a lot of good in many peoples world. Now I am locked out of buying on iTunes for example, can’t even buy a Tune! And why not, really, I mean, give me a break. I may upgrade in the future but I won’t buy new or be forced by any Co. to upgrade. I still hate Microsoft more. Tech sucks.

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