Cheap Iron Man Mark III suits don’t rally pack an authentic punch for avid cosplay fans, which is where this fully wearable 3D-printed suit comes into play. If you can fork over $2,000 (if you wait 8 months or $35,000 if you want it in 4 months) you can order one of these suits that are fully wearable and made to fit anyone as tall as 5′ 5″ to 6′ 1″. Made by Iron Man Factory (seriously), the suit also features sensor-controlled motors that are powered by AAA batteries that activate “thrusters” that are on the back and will slide open the helmet.

iron man mark iii suit

The suit weighs 7 pounds and is made from a carbon fiber polymer. But don’t worry, the inside is supposed to be quite comfortable with its cushioned interior that also contains an LED lighting system (lasers not included). If you’re drooling over one right now, you better round up all your rich buddies because Iron Man Facotry needs to fulfill 5,000 pre-orders of the suit before it can even go into production (which takes 8 months).

Kristie Bertucci

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