Wearable tech is making making life a whole lot easier. Although still pretty new, a variety of new devices exploded on the market this year, with many probably ending up on your family and friend’s Christmas lists. Whether it’s a pedometer wristband, innovative ski google or a posture tracker, this holiday why not  gift that favorite person in your life a wearable device that adds some health insight into their everyday lives.

10. Under Armour39


The unisex chest strap can be worn under any workout clothing to monitor your workout based on heart rate, calories and intensity. Besides the chest strap, it comes with the module, mobile app and optimal display watch. So the module stores all your biometric info and then the data is transmitted automatically via Bluetooth in real time to the app or watch so that you can check your status. It’s $149.99 (with the watch $199.99) and makes a great gift for workout-a-holics and all athletes.

9. adidas Smartwatch


Runners will love getting the adidas smartwatch that features a GPS connection to track their activity. It also comes with a heart rate sensor to track performance and provide feedback and more. Gift it to that runner in your life for $399.

8. Sportiiiis


The Sportiiiis heads-upu display for athletes will transform regular sunglasses into a personal performance assistant that will provide feedback on critical performance data. It also allows you to maintain your form and keep your eye on the road or on what you’re doing for a safe run or workout with its multi-colored LEDs that are positioned in your peripheral vision, which guides your target workout zone.

7. Sensoria Smart Sock


The Sensoria Smart Sock is a great alternative to a wristband device that will prevent blisters while running or will alert you if your who isn’t working well with your feet. The sock had three pieces: the sock, magnetic anklet and its app. I’ll track exactly where your foot is fling and how hard each part of it touches the ground so that you can get a better idea of what’s happen with your foot. The Sensoria is on IndieGoGo for $119 a pop.

6. Jawbone Up


The Jawbone Up will track one’s daily activity  by keeping tabs on your steps, calories burned, as well as your sleep patterns. Its worn as a bracelet and comes  three different sizes for $129.99.

5. Withings Pulse


If you have a friend looking to improve the quality of their life in the new year, then get them the Withings Pulse that can track their sleeping habits, exercise and heart rate. It’s a pedometer with an infrared heart rate monitor that’s embedded into the device that’s coated in black rubber. It connects to one’s smartphone via Bluetooth and provides historical data thanks to its app.

4. Fitbit Force


Fitbit’s Force combines features from its One and Flex models and is a lot like Nike’s FuelBand since it can track floors climbed, keep tabs on your distance, calories burned, steps walked and more for $129.95.

3. Lumoback


Correct someone’s posture by giving them the Lumoback this Christmas. It straps onto your back and has a low profile so no one will notice that there’s a bunch of sensors on one’s tailbone. So it works by vibrating the user if they slouch. It also monitors one’s pelvis to  get a neutral pelvic alignment, so that your weight is evenly spread throughout your body and not resting on one leg or the other. It also comes with an app that will track one’s posture over time. Posture correcting technology with the Luomback will cost you $149.

2. Oakley Airwave Ski Goggles


These aren’t just any ski googles! The Oakley Airwave features a built-in HUD that instantly displays speed, friends and more. Users will also get data on their distance, airtime, temperature, speed , altitude, and more via an array of sensors (GPS, accelerometer, gyro). It’s a great gift for any snowboarder or skier in  your life since it is, after all, snow season! But make sure they’re extra special because its $599 price tag is pretty steep.

1. Nike Fuelband SE


The  Nike Fuelband SE is on top of everybody’s wish list since it features the best of nike’s pedometer technology. This model adds Bluetooth 4.0 so that it’s always connected to your iPhone and updated circuitry for improved flexibility, increased water resistance and adds more color schemes. Gift one for $149.

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