Wii Mini

So I was wrong, as stated in my November 28th article of 2012.  The Wii Mini is coming to the US.  Yes, albeit almost a year later.

After dismal sales of Nintendo’s Wii U, the Japanese based company has decided to ship their Wii Mini south (it originally launched in Canada) to US retailers just in time for the holiday shopping.  Included with the Wii Mini will be Mario Kart Wii, which might just be enough cache to convince shoppers, and fans of the original Mario Kart, to plunk down $100 for what is an antiquated console.

Which begs the question: why is Nintendo pushing a last gen system?  Well, first off this isn’t the first time they’ve done something like this.  Just recently they announced the Nintendo 2DS.  And while the 2DS is a lesser version of the 3DS – it has no 3D capability – it is cheaper and thus appeals to the budget conscious shopper.  So it stands to reason that Nintendo is trying to position themselves as the budget alternative – the PS4 and Xbox One are north of $400 each.  So if a boot strapping parent is walking the aisles of Best Buy this November or December, they’ll likely reach for the $100 option.

The Wii Mini will hit stores sometime in mid November.

Of note, the Wii Mini doesn’t have any Internet Connectivity options.  So playing will be limited to localized gaming.

Wii Mini Controllers

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