Wish you could eliminate having to carry around your wallet? The Coin wants to do just that! Just one simple card can replace your debit and credit cards, making it super easy to pay for your lifestyle. The Bluetooth-connected Coin is the size of a regular credit card and features a tiny integrated black and white e-ink display, a single mode button and a magnetic stripe just like a credit cards have. It has a two-year battery so it’ll last quite a while. You connect your cards to the Coin using either the iOS or Android app and the included compact dongle. You then swipe your cards (even gift cards) and upload those account details onto the Coin. Using the Coin is simple. When you’re out, just toggle through your accounts using the single mode button to choose which payment you’d like to use it and then swipe it at the store’s standard card reader.

Its low-energy Bluetooth connection to your smartphone allows you to manage which cards can go on the Coin and also adds more security. If you forgot where a card is or if it was stolen, you’ll be notified on your phone that the connection is lost and the Coin will automatically deactivate itself. And all connection are¬†protected with 128-bit encryption so no one can intercept your account details either. If you like the idea of eliminating the need for a wallet full of cards (you’ll still need to carry cash), you can currently pre-order the Coin but you won’t get it until next summer. Creators are now taking pre-orders through a crowdfunding campaign at $50, which is half of what it’ll regularly cost.

The Coin

Kristie Bertucci

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