For those that have been waiting patiently the Slate 8 Pro is now finally available at HP.com. HP’s successor to the previous Slate 7 (which was met with mixed reception) went on sale earlier this week with surprisingly no major fanfare. Priced at $329.99, after a temporary pre-Black Friday free shipping deal, the 8-inch device is priced squarely in the higher-end of other Android tablets in its sizing market.

While its being powered by the high-end NVIDIA Tegra 4 processor, other Tegra 4 powered tablets sized at 7-inches can be decisively cheaper. One clear example is the $199.99 EVGA Tegra 7 Note. The Tegra 7 Note is a white label concept from Nvidia, got picked up by EVGA, and became available for sale just earlier today (though as of writing it’s already out of stock). Interestingly enough, HP will also soon carry a similar white label version of the Tegra 7 Note, called the HP Slate 7 Extreme. No word on pricing for that model though.

What will you get for the extra $130?

The Slate 8 Pro is an 8-inch display device compared to the smaller 7-inch Tegra 4 tablets, which is is larger than its 7-inch counterparts – though only by a little. Weighing at 450 gram (almost 1 pound) vs the 320 gram for the Tegra 7 Note (0.7 lbs), the Slate 8 Pro is slightly heavier.

The Slate 8 Pro is 220 x 141.5 x 9.9 mm vs the Tegra 7 Note’s 199 x 119 x 9.6 mm dimensions. They are fairly close in thickness, the Slate 8 Pro being 0.39-inches thick (9.9 mm)and the much thicker Tegra 7 Note being 0.37-inch thick (9.6 mm).

The bigger dimensions and 8-inch display of the Slate 8 Pro also means a higher 1600 x 1200 resolution… not to mention its highly touted IPS panel covered by Corning Gorilla Glass 3. By comparison, the Tegra 7 Note still (unfortunately) has a relatively low resolution 1280 x 800 display.

The Slate 8 Pro has a larger and longer lasting battery than its 7-inch competition. The Slate 8 Pro is rated for 11 hours by HP, with a 5680 mAh battery. By comparison the white labeled Tegra 7 Notes will have a 4,100 mAh battery rated for 5 hours.

There’s also a microSD expansion slot for the Slate 8 Pro, a useful function and something strangely missing in flagship Android tablets such as the Nexus 7 (1st or 2nd Gen). Available accessory made specifically for the Slate 8 includes HP’s Stand Case, which is a polyurethane exterior case that will let you sit the tablet in various viewing angel so you can watch a movie or type away on your tablet. Its currently $39.99 on HP.

We’ll wait for more reviews to come in before we make up our mind on the Slate 8 Pro. One interesting thing to consider: prior to its release, the HP Slate 8 Pro spec sheets listed it with 2GB of RAM and more storage space than 16GB… but right now that option is not available on HP.com. Will HP eventually release the higher performance 2GB of RAM + 32GB storage for the power user? We certainly hope so.

Which Tegra 4 powered tablet is your favorite? Let us know. We’ll be doing a round up of the best Tegra 4 machines soon!

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