Yup, you read that title right! UK-based appliance maker JTM Service has created a washing machine, considered “Woof to Wash,” that can be operated by support dogs helping those living with disabilities. Support Dogs are already trained to do a lot of stuff like strip bed sheets to loading machines with laundry, but now they can actually start a washing cycle. The washing machines are bark-activated, allowing the dog to activate the washer once its done being loaded. There’s also a paw-activated pad that unlocks the washer’s door, while a short rope helps them open it. As far as detergent goes, that’s automatically measured and added to the machine itself, so all the dog has to end up doing is barking to get it started. According to inventor John Middleton, MD of JTM, the machine was developed because “mainstream products with complex digital controls seldom meet the needs of the disabled user.”

woof to wash

Kristie Bertucci

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