Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Review

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2 Comments to Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Review

  1. Anthony Fagin

    I’ve had the Galaxy Note 3 for a few weeks now. And I agree with every point you made. Touchwiz is the weakest link in an otherwise tight chain. I replaced it with Go Launcher, Multi Live Wallpapers, and the Tiny White Icon pack. All found in the Google Playstore. I’d advise anyone wanting to replace Touchwiz to check out the tutorials offered by a YouTuber named ColdFustion.

  2. Samsung has been testing consumers’ limits by pushing for a bigger and bigger device year after year. And I’d say they have won consumers’ approval as we are no longer hung up about “one-hand-fits-all” but now value the generous screen real estate Samsung provides. We used to laugh at the Note or Note 2 but the reviews for the Note 3 this time around are just stellar!

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