One of the key problems in video game history, as it’s built, is that it’s impermanent. It can be difficult to find any information about older games, and forget playing them. Fortunately, the RetroN 5 will help make old cartridges playable, at least.

Genesis Does What Nintendon’t, But You Get Both

Essentially, the RetroN 5 is the childhood dream of everybody who grew up in the ’80s realized; a game system with every type of game crammed together. It packs a whopping five cartridge ports; one apiece for the NES, SNES, Genesis, Famicom, and Game Boy Advance. In addition, it’s compatible with the Super Famicon, Mega Drive, Game Boy, and Game Boy Color software. They’ll look good, too; it’s got an HDMI out and will upconvert old games to look better, albeit there’s only so much that can be done.

In other words, you can play thousands of games on this thing. But that’s just the start.

Finally, A Wireless Controller That Doesn’t Stink

It also comes with, of course, a compatible wireless controller. This uses Bluetooth, instead of the old-school IR technology, so it’ll actually be responsive and make sense instead of just being a silly gimmick. Yes, I am still bitter about that.

But if you’d rather go wired and old school, this can help with that as well. It’s got six controller ports, with two for each of the original controller. So, if you’ve still got those lying around, or hit a lot of yard sales, you’ll be able to enjoy your controllers as well.

Gaming Goodness


It’s true that you can get better versions of some classic games via the various Network and Lives and eShops, but there’s nothing quite like playing the classics the way you remember them. Also, buying a cart is a lot cheaper and more instantly gratifying, and what gamer doesn’t want instant gratification

Dan Seitz

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