If you’re an active individual who is always outside then you probably always lather on a healthy dose of sunscreen to protect your skin (at least we hope you do!). If you usually forget the last time you put on sunscreen or sometimes forget to do so and don’t want to pay the consequences later with a painful sunburn, then check out the LUXES Bracelet that will remind you that you need to put on sunscreen. It features patent-pending technology that simulates your skin’s reaction to UV radiation in your surroundings and will remind you that you need to either apply or reapply proper sun protection.

LUXES Bracelet 1

It monitors your UV radiation exposure and will provide you an easy understanding of the UV radiation that exists in your surroundings, so you can apply proper sun protection to prevent sunburn, wrinkles, and skin cancer. LUXES bracelet works in all weather conditions and even under water so you never have to worry about another sunburn ever again! It works via the bracelet and a UV activated insert, using a  proprietary smart material to create the UV activated insert. The silicone rubber-based smart material will get darker when exposed to UV radiation to simulate human skin reaction to UV radiation. The color changing action is reversible when the smart material is removed from the UV source. You can even apply some sunscreen to the UV activated insert to track the effectiveness of the sunscreen. If it’s good enough, the sunscreen will block the UV radiation and keep the UV activated insert from changing color. When the sunscreen naturally breaks down, the color will slowly begin to darken to alert users to reapply sunscreen. Receive a black or white one with 3 UV activated inserts when you pledge $25 over at Indiegogo.

LUXES Bracelet




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