iPhone to Motorola Droid Mini: Thoughts On Switching

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2 Comments to iPhone to Motorola Droid Mini: Thoughts On Switching

  1. John Kitchen

    Way to make zero mention of the wireless charging. Also, the 16GB Mini is the same price as the 16GB 4S on a contract. Since we’re talking about Verizon, most of their customers buy on contract and buy 16GB models.

    As far as “the full Android experience goes,” Google makes Android, and happens to own Motorola. I’d say you’re getting one of the best full Android experiences possible. Android doesn’t even officially support SD cards anymore. Only Samsung sells a flagship that supports removable storage and battery. Samsung offers very little in the way of a “full Android experience.”

    This is obviously written by someone who’s only owned an iPhone and has done zero research on Android as a whole.

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