Back in 2010, we first wrote about the Hovding Inflatable Bike Helmet that features a built-in gas generator that inflates the collar to become a full-blown helmet in 0.1 seconds before any head impact. Now you get your own! The concept came about from Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin. It’ll deploy only when its sensors detect that you’re about to fall or fly off your bike. The algorithm was designed after they studied they normal movement pattern of riders, in addition to head movement and acceleration during various staged crashes they did with dummies.

The sensors will detect any changes in velocity or angle of the cyclist. This allows the helmet to go unnoticed in the collar while you’re riding your bike safely and them inflate when the algorithm detects that you’re going to crash. According to their site, compared to ordinary cycle helmets, this one provides the best shock absorption in the world.  The Swedish-made product took seven years to develop and complies with the EU Directive on Personal Protective Equipment. You can order yours today for 399 Euros (or $539.20  at today’s exchange rate) and you can choose from a variety of patterns or opt for the sleep black one.


Kristie Bertucci

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