GTA 5: 12 Ways to Make Easy Money (list)

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GTA 5 Armored Car Heist
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42 Comments to GTA 5: 12 Ways to Make Easy Money (list)

  1. Offline you can also stand in the door of a barber or gun store and aim your gun at the cashier they will either run or pull out a gun kill them and shoot the registers

  2. This page is EXTREMELY LAGGING. It took about 15 minutes for me to post this. It keeps skipping everywhere.

  3. RJG-GTA_V

    You can earn money from taxi jobs too (offline). Once in a while the customer will try to run away, just point a gun at them or run them over. Available with ALL characters. Just steal a cab and get to work!

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  9. Look for Rancho/Little Bighorn Ave. Its to the left of an Ammu-Nation with range and to the left of some road that looks like an oval with a bit missing on the left side. Above that oval and to the left a bit there are two roads that meet on Caron Ave. There will be a random event, dude got his bike stolen. Ram the thief and return the bike. Then spend about an hour or maybe two going around doing whatever. In the game about two days might pass. You’ll get an email from Gray Nicholson, you got $100,000. There’s a video on youtube, it just worked for me so TRY IT.

    • I had this as a random event when I was playing as Mike. There is also a guy who has had his car breakdown on the way to the airport. He gives you a trading tip after you drop him off. I invested 200k and made 70k profit after a few hours (share price started to slip after this time).

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  10. Yeah after the main game is over there are no ways to make big money, so #1 is the best advice, be frugal. I spent way too much fixing up cars. Wait until Franklin can buy los santos customs, and then you can upgrade cars for free.

    • gadgetreview

      Buy the dock with the sub (can’t remember the name). Recovering nuclear waste earns you $23,000 per. There are 30 of them. There is also an insurance scam cover up. Don’t know the pay, but the mission starts at the same location via Michael and gets you a fast boat.

      • Did the nuke waste one, still less than a million total, I don’t want to spoil the insurance scam, but the reward isn’t much. I should have been more clear, there is no way after the main game to make the millions needed to buy the more expensive properties. I’ve done some stock market manipulations, with mixed results.

        • gadgetreview

          Hmmm. I’ve been playing it on and off, and after some evaluation, I figured you’d be able to cash in largely by amassing weekly property earnings, such as the Weed spot and the Hen House, Strip Club, etc. But with further thought that would require a fair bit of game play or saves and you still have to manage the properties.

          • it can be done, but (without cheats) would take many months of gameplay. One hour in GTA V time is two minutes in real life. So one year = 12 days. So if your properties were paying 200k a week, it would take 12 full days of gameplay to earn one million.

          • Yes. Btw got two good stock plays yesterday which I used across all three characters. Picked up a guy who needed a ride to the airport and received a good stock tip, then got a job dropping banners for a new movie, so I invested in majestic, resulting in a 30% bump.

          • gadgetreview

            I got that stock tip too, but couldn’t make anything from it, let alone find the stock name. Hmm…how much did you make?

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