5 of the Best Phablet Phones of 2013 – Which Giant is Worth Your Money? (list)

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5 Comments to 5 of the Best Phablet Phones of 2013 – Which Giant is Worth Your Money? (list)

  1. Juderson Jean-Baptiste -Author

    Yes, size is a con if it intrudes usability.

    Here is why:

    Remember, these are still phones, not tablets. Phablets are designed extend the functionality of smartphones by expanding screen size, while retaining comfort and ease of use. If a phablet is too big or cumbersome to use, it has not fulfilled its role to the fullest degree

    Though this requires remarkable manufacturing feats, it is possible to increase screen size while returning comfort. For example, this can be done by reducing bezel size and adjusting navigation buttons. For example the, LG G2, 5.2-inch screen was very close to being a phablet because of how intricately arranged its hardware features.

    I would love to see someone holding a nexus 10 by their ear.

    • Seriously, do yourself a favor and look up the word PHABLET. Anything greater than 5 inches but les than 7 inches is a phablet. The LG G2 is a phablet. No one technically needs to hold up a phablet or tablet to their ears as these devices would have Bluetooth or NFC capabilities, therefore headsets would be the simple answer for any sort of verbal communication and we see this already in the shape of the Samsung Galaxy Wear watch. That watch is really a very fancy, multitasking headset as it relies completely on the smartphone or phablet to work.

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