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With Thanksgiving around the corner, you’re probably already staring to prep for the day’s festivities by cleaning your house, going grocery shopping and making sure you have all the right cookware for the day’s big feast! This Thanksgiving, make life easier in the kitchen with some useful gadgets! Our list of useful items will make slaving away in the kitchen and entertaining family a lot easier this holiday, allowing you more time to really enjoy the day off from work and give thanks for a bountiful year.

8. Hot Mess Kitchen Gadgets


There’s no denying that you’re probably going to make a mess in the kitchen while prepping for your Thanksgiving meal, but it doesn’t have to be a total mess when you using the Hot Mess Kitchen Gadgets! The “Splash” illusion items will help prevent any messes despite looking like one! You can either choose from a spoon rest for$9.99 or the cutting board for $14.99.

7. Rinse and Chop


You’re be doing lots of rinsing and chopping so why not use something that makes it easier to do both! That’s what the Rinse and Chop does since it combines a chopping board with a rinsing bin. The hinged chopping board also folds into a chute, creating a handy strainer at one end so you can easily pour your diced veggies into your stuffing without any mess!

6. Glide Knife


Chop, dice and slice with ease with the Glide Knife! It works much like you sliding your finger over the knife to remove food that doesn’t fall back onto the cutting board, so when you’re done chopping, you just slide it down the blade to push the excess product off. The benefit is that you don’t get your fingers dirty, making it great for when you mincing garlic or something just as smelly.

5. Polar Ice Bucket and Tongs

polar ice bucket and tongs

If you’re going to be entertaining guests for Thanksgiving, you’ll want to keep their beverages nice and cold so why not do it with the festive and decorative Polar Ice Bucket and Tongs! The ice bucket features a a polar bear on an ice float at the bottom with the inner wall simulating a rain cloud hanging over. And then as the ice melts, it will look as if rain drops are falling within the polar bears.

4. Adjustable Rolling Pin


Whip up your yummy desserts with the Adjustable Rolling Pin that includes a set of food safe discs, which can be easliy attached to increase the rolling pin’s height and thickness of the dough. Disc sizes include 2mm, 4mm, 6mm and 10mm, so you can easily make delicious pies, pizzas and more with having to guess the thickness or hassle with lumps.

3. Cake Divider


Make sure everybody gets dessert on Thanksgiving with the Cake Divider. You’ll  never mis-slice, or misappropriate cake. Just insert into the center of the cake then rotate it and turn to select the amount of the amount of slices you need to feed wanted or unwanted guests. It can cut your cake into 6,8, 10, or 14 equal pieces for $14.

2. Warbutons Battery-Powered Heated Butter Knife

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Running on two AA batteries, Warbutons Battery-Powered Heated Butter Knife is an essential you’ll need at your Thanksgiving table! With a push of a button, the blade will reach a temperature of 41.8 C (107.24 F), which is supposedly the optimum temperature for spreading butter. It can turn a fridge-cold solid butter into an easy spread in as little as 30 seconds!

1. Digital Mixing Bowl Kitchen Scale


With the Digital Mixing Bowl Kitchen Scale, you get both a scale and mixing bowl in one easy setup! The plastic mixing box slides into an accompanying scale and the LCD screen will show you the content’s weight as 1g increments. Then once the 2.5 liter mixing bowl is emptied, simply detach it from the scale and toss it into the dishwasher.

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