7 Things You Should Know About Bay Trail, Intel’s Upcoming Mobile Silicon (list)

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5 Comments to 7 Things You Should Know About Bay Trail, Intel’s Upcoming Mobile Silicon (list)

  1. I’m still waiting for the geek community to dual-boot one these baytrail Windows tabs; since baytrail is suppose to run both Windows and Android at full speed!

  2. If you don’t play games, but want to use Windows apps like Office, Photoshop, AND want to browse the web hassle free (flash, etc.) this is probably even better than a Surface Pro.

    Hopefully Samsung will do a Galaxy Note for Windows, because Samsung has cracked the code when it comes to hand writing on a tablet!

  3. I like what I’ve seen of bay trail so far…I think as far as tablets go…it’s an android tablet killer. (I’m not including android phones here). I’d like to see 64bit support sooner rather than later, which probably means a bay trail refresh early next year..but at a $299 entry fee…it’s worth a shot.

    • Shawn Sanders

      I totally agree. I’m really interested to see a good variety of devices using Bay Trail. it’s suited for just about anything from ultrabooks down.

  4. jaidecaulfield

    One U.S. site with more details on one of the first BayTrail Windows 8.1 Tablets is Tablet Sprint – which features a new model called the W-10 from Vido Technologies that offers a 10inch HD display and a BayTrail Intel Z3770 processor- 2.0 GHz (22nm) for $299 — worth review and available in late November

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