7 Reasons The GTX 780 Ti is Better Than the AMD R9 290 (list)

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35 Comments to 7 Reasons The GTX 780 Ti is Better Than the AMD R9 290 (list)

  1. Wowee, what an epically bias piece of writing . NVIDIA fan boy or just simply bought and paid for? NVIDIA fanboys should be sending in Thank You letters to AMD for just making their cards 200-300 Dollars cheaper. However it should leave a bitter taste in your mouth to realise who much the public was being ripped off. Thank goodness for competition.

    • Carl Lettera

      one word: FAIL

      You do realize the 780ti in this article is using the reference cooler from Nvidia right?

      • I’m reading through all your comments and it’s now pretty obvious you’re either a fanboy or a troll, possibly both. Either way try to use your brain. AMD will benefit much more from non ref coolers because the AMD ref coolers have much more to be improved on then AMD. NVidia already makes a solid cooler on their ref card. AMD will see more improvement with the non-ref coolers.

  2. Strange, one of the few times that nearly everybody that commented on an obvious Nvidia-biased article said everything that needed saying for me. :)

  3. This has to be one of the worst written, hit-whoring articles ever written. You got the charts right of Nvidia (already biased), the Gflops comparison is incorrect, (290x =5.6 Tflops, 780 ti = 5.0x Tflops) and that comparison is not close to what REAL reviewers have. The 290x is marginally 2-7 fps less than the 780ti (actually does better in resolutions) at $150 less. Research before you post stupid fluff.

    • Carl Lettera

      stock for stock the 780ti beats your precious 290x and runs cooler, more efficient, and has features like Nvidia Sheild and Shadow play. A HD capture card will easily cost you 150 bucks. With the 780ti, it has a built in capture card. So there is your 150 right there. The cooler is of MUCH higher quality so you can tack on that extra price as well. Dont hate. We all know the Titan was ridiculously overpriced. Its basically a cheap versions of the quadro series. For compute. Not really for gaming.

      • I have been playing games with a GTX 260 since 2008. I have never owned an ATI/AMD Product with the exception of the Wii’s. So it’s not my “precious” 290x. But it will be soon. When the custom models come out that is.

  4. This has to be the least intelligent article to weigh in on the recent slew of GPU’s and their relative merits (or lack of). That you compare the 780 ti to BOTH the R9 290 and 290x shows you’re an idiot (not to mention points 6&7 which are painfully useless features to a real gamer who you seem to be aiming your rhetoric at). Don’t get me wrong I have always bought green and if I had more money than sense and wanted 1 GPU then I would get the 780 ti, but within another month we should see aftermarket cooling solutions come out for the 290 series which releases them from thermal ceilings and even if not SLI 770’s or Crossfire 280x’s would be a better purchase.

    Please do us all a favor and spare the masses your unlearned commentary.

  5. “AMD are the most cost-effective ways to game at some of the highest levels possible.”
    ^That and the fact that r9 290 is better than gtx 780 and titan at quite a lot of benchmarks made me buy this beast of a card. This is my first build so I can’t compare the noise levels, however, it’s not as loud as some reviewers say it is. I put it under my desk so if anything, it’s inaudible really. For anyone who has a budget of $600, this is the card to get.

  6. Anyone buying a $700 high end graphics card crippled with 3gb memory and lack of Mantle and TrueAudio features deserves to be called an Nvidiot.

    • Carl Lettera

      omg mantle. itll be just as limited as Nvidia Physx. Cant wait to see what the results are in BF4 when mantle releases. If you’re still behind the 780ti with your precious mantle im going to laugh all the way to the bank.

      • Mantle is an open API and physX is a physics engine, what are you talking about? They are not comparable. Get a clue and stop further misinforming people. Someone may accidentally take your comments for factual information.

  7. Just know this fact. Without AMD R9 290X in the market, Nvidia wouldn’t have priced GTX780ti at $700, they would have priced it at $1000.00 or more; Nvidia priced Titan at $1000 though it has a poor performance compared to GTX780ti.
    If you intend to buy GTX780ti, just thank AMD for saving you $300 and move on. No reason to sucker-puch AMD here. It has saved you hundreds of dollars.
    For me, I am buying AMD R9 290x. It’s a much more value card and it is a morally right decision.

    • slap a nice aftermarket cooler on it with the money you save. Run cooler than, quieter than, and circles around that nVidia card.

      • Carl Lettera

        Yea slap a aftermarket cooler on your 290x and you might reach the 780ti’s performance with its reference cooler. Sounds legit.

        • What you’re not considering is that there will be a much higher thermal decrease on the awful reference amd cooler than there will be on the solid nvidia reference cooler. There is much more room to improve on the amd cooler so it will therefor benefit from third party coolers more.

    • Carl Lettera

      Thank god AMD finally stepped up. Ive been waiting years for this to happen. I was actually hoping they would beat Nvidia to give us even lower prices. In the end Nvidia is still on top and still highest price. Im getting a 780ti for $550 so IN YOUR FACE AMD!! Also consider that extra 150 dollars as your HD capture card now that Nvidia Shadowplay is released. The 290x cooler is cheap plastic crap. The card feels cheap when you hold it. Like it would shatter into a million pieces. The 780ti cooler is very solid and of high quality. The higher quality card is the 780ti and the price shows it.

      • Plastic shroud vs alloy shroud doesn’t equal quality, it’s the components on the board. If AMD claims the card can run perfectly fine at 95, guess what, they’re using high quality parts. Otherwise it wouldn’t be able to withstand that heat for long durations. Shadowplay and shield are niche features, the only way to compare cards is performance as that is the REAL point of the cards. With that said, you’re spending and extra $150 for a couple of extra frames. You’re metaphor is equally as dumb as your preceding arguments. I agree that the 780ti is better than the 290x but by very little. Come back to earth space cadet.

        • Carl Lettera

          So you’re saying the 780ti cannot run at 95c? 95c has been the max temp for cards for a long time. GTX 480 was able to run at that temp just fine. What makes you think the 780ti is any different when it comes to using high quality parts? I guarantee if you lowered the fan speed of the 780 ti so it ran at 95c it would do just fine. Your point is moot.

          • You obviously lack comprehension skills. Either that or your fanboy side got offended and blindly inferred without any type of educated reasoning. I clearly never stated the 780 ti didn’t use quality parts. I even recognized the 780 ti as being superior, I just disagreed that it was superior to the degree you claim. I also disagreed with your opinion that AMD manufactured a cheap card. If it was cheap, it wouldn’t be able to safely operate at 95c for extended periods.

          • Carl Lettera

            Also think about the difference in price of Intel and AMD cpu’s. I buy Intel over AMD because they are better. To me, Nvidia is better than AMD. With Nvidia you get CUDA, PhysX, Shadowplay, 3D Vision and Shield. For some people that may be worth the extra money.

          • 1. AMD’s CPU multithreaded performance is better than Intel’s and with their latest offerings they’re catching up in singlethreaded performance a lot.

            2. CUDA and PhysX are niche features, OpenCL is much more prominent than CUDA and AMD has the lead in that respect by a long shot, and honestly how often are you going to use GRID too.

            3. AMD supports 3D as well.
            4. NVIDIA released a driver a few years ago that ended up frying GPUs because the fans didn’t function, go give them a try, it should certainly lower your fan speeds enough! Explain how they have an upper hand in cooling especially when the AMD cooler was just a reference. The GPU manufacturers will simply slap on their aftermarket coolers, and a lot of them actually use the same coolers for both their NVIDIA and AMD offerings.
            5. Overclocking isn’t “usually better on NVIDIA,” it comes down to die quality and if I remember correctly both AMD and NVIDIA use the same foundry. It’s just luck of the draw.
            6. Shadowplay is kinda cool, I’ll give you that, but it isn’t exactly original: look at Call of Duty’s “Theater Mode,” and with the money you save on AMD you can more than afford a capture card.

          • Not to mention you recently just said PhysX is extremely limited yourself, and I missed the pricing thing: AMD is cheaper than Intel, are you high or something?

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