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Black Friday Best Buy

By now you’ve had the inevitable Black Friday discussion with co-workers and family members.  And if any of them have ever attended a midnight sale, or a 5am doorbuster at a brick and mortar store location, you now know that the process can be all too beleaguering to dare.  In fact, the whole thing can be down right barbaric; standing inline, the shoving, the pushing, not to mention the agro of just getting there.

So what’s the resolve?  Simple.  Shop strategically.  And one doesn’t really need to look much further than Best Buy to accomplish their Black Friday/Holiday shopping needs.

1. Shop Online on ThanksGiving

Best buy holiday

Look.  There is no reason to leave the house on Thanksgiving.  In fact, I prefer the whole “don’t shower on Thanksgiving approach” since it’s, at least to me, the ultimate day of unabashed laziness.  But if your shopping anxiety is getting the better of you, just hop online and head to  There they have an assortment of “online Doorbusters“.  And while that may sound too be good to be true, I’ve looked, and they’re anything but.

2. Secret Doorbuster Events

Best Buy Doorbusters

So if you’re one of those “I need a hands on before I buy” kind of people, then you might want to know that Best Buy has a few a number of Doorbuster events.  These are occurring 6:00PM Thursday, a Midnight Mystery doorbusters (revealed at 10:00PM CST on Thursday) and 10:00AM Friday.

3. Why Shop Friday

So Black Friday is called Black Friday because, historically speaking of course, it’s when the shops go from being in debt to profitable.  That’s hardly the case these days.  In fact, there’s now an additional day for holiday shopping deals, and that’s the Monday following Thanksgiving.  Officially, it’s called Cybermonday.  And sometimes the deals beat those that are revealed on Black Friday.  So this Monday, when you get into work, fire up and you’ll find a plethora of deals that will be hard to overlook.

4. Skip the Lines


There is no better way to skip the line then by just not showing up.  Yes, you read that right.  To skip the line just skip the line all together.  Instead, shop online.  And while the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals will be hard to pass up, Best Buy is sure to have many more as we get closer and closer to that wonderful day.

5. Shop the Deal Sites

This probably goes without saying, but sometimes the best deals can be found via deal sites.  In fact, we’ve got our own deal section, which is sure to feature some of the best in online shopping this holiday.  Keep a keen eye on those, and when the deal appears, you’ll be the first to know.

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