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Holiday shopping is upon us and that means three words we all generally loathe: spend, spend, spend.  Ok, so it’s inevitable that you’ll be dropping some cash this holiday, it always is.  But that doesn’t mean you have to break the “bank” to give some gifts that people are sure to remember and appreciate it.

1. Chromecast


The Chromecast is just $35 and is the perfect gift since it’s largely smart device agnostic.  It plugs into your TV’s HDMI port and is powered of either a plug or a free USB port on the TV.  So far YouTube, Netflix, Hulu Plus and now HBO Go are compatible.  Which means you can stream content from any of those aforementioned source direct to your TV without the hassle of wires, logging in and more.  And the best part is that it effectively turns your smartphone or tablet into a remote.

You can grab it from Amazon for $35.

2. Star Wars Death Star Ice Sphere


Star Wars fan or not, anyone is sure to enjoy the Death Star Ice Sphere.  Why?  It’s a giant ball of ice, which is ideal for Scotch drinkers.  And if they happen to also be Star Wars fans then you’re in luck.  Just join the two parts together, fill with water and freeze.  In 4-6 hours you’ll have a Death Star ball of ice that is good enough for the most astute of boozers.

You can snag it for about $11.

3. Favi Android Smartstick with 4GB

Favi SmartStick

Turn your TV into a smart TV with the Favi Smartstick. It includes 4GB of storage, and allows you to play back media from a wide variety of sources.  It also serves as a full blown web browser, so with a compatible keyboard and mouse you can surf the Net on the big screen.   It can even stream content from your computer to the TV, wirelessly!

And best of all the Favi Smartstick is just $50!

4. Tactical BBQ Apron

Tactical BBQ Apron-1

Though we’re effectively in winter, it’s never too cold to BBQ.  The Tactical BBQ Apron is lined with an assortment of pockets and loops making it the perfect accessory to any masculine chef.   There is even a number of pouches to store other goodies, and a 100% cotton construction for easy washing.

ThinkGeek has the Tactical BBQ Apron for $35.

5. Philips Norelco YS524/41 Click & Style Shave Toolkit

Philips Click and Shave Razor-003

Don’t be fooled by its multi ability.  This 3-in-1 razor is the real deal, allowing you to manscape all parts of the body.  This includes a body trimmer, beard trimmer and a face shaver.  Moreover, it’s 100% waterproof and has a battery that last up to 60 minutes.  And, as of this post, the Philips Norelco YS524/41 Click & Style Shave Toolkit  just dropped in price from $40, to a mere $30 overnight.  Just clip the virtual coupon on Amazon and the additional $10 savings will be reflected at checkout.

You can get the Philips 3-in-1 from Amazon for $30.

6. MAN LAW Stainless Steel Hot Dog/Brat Griller

Hot Dog Griller

Call it gimmick.  Call it awesome.  Either way, this is the way to cook hot dogs and brats the 711, minus the possibility that the dog has been sitting there for 4-weeks straight.  Just lay the grill adapter on top of a hot grill and move to rotate the dogs accordingly.  Evenly cooked hot dogs has never been easier.

Amazon has the MAN LAW Stainless Steel Hot Dog/Brat Griller for $20.

7. Thumbsaver


We’ve all been there: tried to nail into the wall and ended up hammering our thumb into oblivion.  The Thumbsaver uses a magnet to keep your fingers clear of the hammer’s end by holding it in place.  Included are two sizes, which are hopefully ideal for just about any odd job.

Amazon has the Thumbsaver for $13.

8. MagnoGrip Magnetic Wristband

Magnogrip Magnetic Wristband-2

The  MagnoGrip Magnetic Wristband is so simple you’ll wonder why you didn’t think of it.  It fits around the wrist and stay put thanks to a velcro strap.  A hidden magnet  then keeps screws and tools within, literally, hands reach.

Amazon sells the MagnoGrip for just $7.

9. Nintendo Controller iPhone 5/s

NES Controller case

No doubt you know someone with an iPhone 5 or iPhone 5s.  And there is a good chance that they love or loved Nintendo.  Look no further than the NES Controller for the iPhone 5 or iPhone 5s case from ThinkGeek.  Unfortunately, those buttons aren’t functional, but at least all of your iPhone’s port remain accessible.

You can grab Nintendo Controller iPhone 5/s for $35.

10. Hot Mess Kitchen Gadgets


Available as a Spoon Rest ($10) or a Cutting Board ($15), the Hot Mess kitchen gadgets are an eye catching way to spruce up your kitchen counter and all the way negate the mess from sauces and the cutting of vegetables.   To common eye, though, it will look like you spilled a big globe of pasta sauce.

ThinkGeek sells them for $10 and $15 respectively.

Retro gift on wooden table courtesy of Shutterstock

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